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24 Hr Trial Photos 2007

Photos taken by Adrian 423:

What you saw when you approached the Main Control area

Chris 49 (Left) & Trevor 120

Trevor 120 recording transmissions

Trial Map & Information board leaning up against the window for the radio operator to refer to

Laptop computer showing the list of Scratchings and Did Not Start numbers

Phil 48 entering data into his computer for information for all riders, controls & officials

Lew Dowsett, 85 years old & riding his 41st 24 Hr Trial at Mallee Control on Lap 1

The screen of Phil 48's computer showing control's information

Tom Oye & James Millington riding "Postie" motor cycles to raise money for the Cancer Foundation

Photos taken by Bill Gawler 79:

Eudunda Sporting Clubrooms and Oval, used as Main Control

St John Personnel

Riders having their bikes checked prior to starting the Event, commonly referred to "Machine Examination"

Bikes at Machine Examination

Photos taken at Parcoola Control

Parcoola Control

Bill set up at Parcoola Control

A sidecar leaving the control heading for Mallee Control

Riders lined up waiting for their due time out to continue

Control Keepers

Colin Jenke doing repairs to his bike

24 Hour Trial Committee Chairman, Glen Wundenburg & Passenger

James Millington on his "Postie Bike"

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