Membership Drives

In an attempt to gain new members and promote the organisation, members of ACRM SA Inc. attended the following country shows:

Kapunda 2006

Eudunda 2006 Eudunda 2007

Mid North Area Co-ordinator Report re Membership Drive at the Kapunda & Eudunda Shows - 2006

by Adrian  ACRM423

Membership & Promotional Drive at the Kapunda & Eudunda Shows

During discussions with Phil 48 & Chris 49 re me taking on the position of the Mid North Area Co-ordinator for ACRM, it was mentioned that recruiting and promotion of the organisation were amongst some of the tasks.

As there are not many members within the area, I saw the need for this to be done and an ideal function for us to show our presence is at the Country shows.

I immediately went into the mode that I had done many times before whilst being a member of St John and SA Ambulance Service of contacting the secretaries of Kapunda & Eudunda Show Societies, requesting that we could have space to do this exercise, free of charge plus free admittance to all ACRM members who were going to be “on duty”.

In both instances, this arrangement was granted, hence we had to have some resources on hand to do the job. Phil 48 “dug out” the outdated ACRM SA Inc “Information Booklet” that was produced many years ago and set out to bring it up to date.

On Saturday morning, 4th November 2006 we had to meet at the Kapunda Primary School at 9 am to be part of the street procession to the Kapunda Trotting Track and around it several times, where we then lined up on the track in front of the Southern Grandstand.

In both instances, upon my request, we were placed amongst the Emergency Services.

The weather was quite warm and during the day I had numerous conversations with persons that wanted to know more about the organisation, but I only gave out 1 booklet to a prospective member.

Overall, for the first attempt of which I did not expect any miracles, I believe that the day was reasonably successful.

Sunday, 12th November 2006 was Eudunda’s turn to commence at 11am, but much to everyone’s surprise it was raining lightly, however that did not deter us and it soon stopped, by about 1pm or a bit later the sun was shining.

The day was a “mirror” of Kapunda and in the meantime I was also able to renew some acquaintances from St John and SAAS members who were also there doing a similar exercise.

In 2007, I intend to spread the wings and arrange similar days at all of the other shows in the area, however I would hope that more assistance would be available than this year, I must add that there were good intentions from 48 & 49to attend Eudunda until they had vehicle trouble.