Australian Citizen Radio Monitors S.A. Inc.

Direct enquiries to:
Postal: A.C.R.M. SA Inc. PO Box 69, Smithfield Plains. S.A. 5114.
Email: A.C.R.M. SA Inc.

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Monitoring the emergency channels on 27 MHz and 477MHz in the Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) to take calls where assistance is required.

Safety communications and co-ordination at Sporting Events which include Rally sports, motor cycle sports, cross-country horses and endurance rides.

New Members

We are always looking for new members to keep the organisation going, so if you have an interest in radios and any Motor Sport, Horse Riding or Community Events, please seriously consider becoming a member of ACRM (SA) Inc.

Below is an Application Form for you to download, print and send it to the Address at the top of the form.


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