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Monitoring the emergency channels on 27 MHz and 477MHz in the Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) to take calls where assistance is required.

Safety communications and co-ordination at Sporting Events which include Rally sports, motor cycle sports, cross-country horses and endurance rides.

 Robertstown 2 Day Trial Photos

A selection of Photos taken at Control on Saturday and Control 9 on Sunday during the Robertstown 2 Day Trial 2014 by Gordon 69:

The Control Keepers & Solo No. 116 - Shayne Bain

Sidecar No. 12 - Kristy Schultz & Ayla Plowman

Sidecar No. 12 - Kristy Schultz & Ayla Plowman doing another lap

Solo No. 32 - Mathew Boyle

Another Solo Rider in the section

Some Children at the Control about to ride their own bikes

A selection of Photos taken by Adrian 423 at the Main Control during the Robertstown 2 Day Trial 2005:

The map of the track and Control Keepers

Phil & Chris Richards operating the radio & computer

The radio & computer that Chris was using

The computer that Phil uses to keep information re riders

Chris in the process of passing on a message to a Control

The Richards in the "work mode

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