Australian Citizen Radio Monitors S.A. Inc.

Direct enquiries to:
Postal: A.C.R.M. SA Inc. PO Box 69, Smithfield Plains. S.A. 5114.
Email: A.C.R.M. SA Inc.

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logo.gif (6765 bytes)The ACRM is a non-profit, charitable organisation consisting of volunteers who provide an emergency monitoring service to the Australian public via the Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS). The A.C.R.M. has two major roles, primarily, we provide an emergency watch of the CBRS emergency channels for assistance and emergency calls from Australian citizens. Secondly, we provide safety communications for sporting and recreational events.

The Rally monitor is trained to a level of proficiency suited to that of rally safety. Initially the trainee is placed with others to gain experience and doesn't require his/her own equipment.

The Emergency monitor is trained to a higher level of proficiency, is required to monitor for emergency or assistance calls and must have a minimum of equipment. Citizen Band Radios (UHF and/or 27MHz). Base antennae. Telephone service.

To maintain the level of services we provide, we are constantly searching for new recruits, volunteers who can be expertly trained in either or both facets of A.C.R.M. and thus continue to provide these important services.

If you are interested in community safety and wish to learn more about the monitoring programme, email us or write via the box numbers.

There are 3 Divisions in South Australia, as shown below:

ACRM South Australia Incorporated.  480 Main North Rd. Evanston Pk SA.

              ACRM SA members meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December)

ACRM Central Belt Division. PO Box 582 Loxton South Australia 5333

              Central Belt members meetings are held at members houses at 6 week intervals.

ACRM Gawler/Barossa Div. (SA Inc) PO Box 462 Gawler South Australia 5118

              Gawler/Barossa members meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except December)


UHF Radios
Channel "5" (Simplex)


Channel "5/35" (repeater mode)

476.525 MHz.

Channel "35" is the offset channel to channel "5"  477.275 MHz.

27MHz Radios

Channel "9" on 23 and 40 channel sets.


Channel "5" on 18 channel sets. (Now  illegal)


The Emergency channels are for calls of a safety nature only.

It is illegal to use the above channels (including channel 35 UHF) for any other purpose.

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