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"Channel Information"

On UHF the repeater channels are the first eight channels and their off-set channels are 31 to 38. Channel 35, the off-set to the emergency channel is the only one that is gazetted for emergency use and not to be used for other purposes. Channels 31 to 34 and 36 to 38 may be used simplex if there is no interference caused to any repeaters.

PLEASE NOTE Many of the new Uniden UHF HAND HELD (Walkie Talkie) units are set to come up on channel 35 by default and unless another channel is selected they transmit straight into our emergency repeater, sometimes going over the top of a genuine emergency. Uniden have been notified of this and will rectify the problem on future units.   

The transceiver automatically switches to the transmit channel when the PTT switch is pressed. E.G. Receive on channel 1, transmit on channel 31. Repeater 2 changes to 32 (tx) and so on.

ACRM uses a portable repeater at some of the events we do and the channel we use at the event is allocated by the ACMA based on the fact that no other repeaters are in the area.  However, some farmers and other people often use the repeater channels or their off-sets for normal communications and when this happens some form of interference is inevitable. Fortunately we are only there for a day or two at the most and as all our traffic is of a safety nature, most of the other users are sympathetic to our cause and interference is at a minimum. 

ACRM has also had private channels made available to us by ACMA for the purpose of Safety Communications at these events and are now used exclusively. 

On UHF the channel allocation is: Channel 1 to 8 repeaters. Channel 31 to 38, repeater off-sets.
Channel 5/35 emergency channel. Channel 10, outback call and convoy. Channel 11, call channel.
  Channel 20, convoy and club. Channel 40, truckers channel.
On 40 channel 27MHz CB Radios: Channel 8, truckers channel (Ch4). Channel 9, emergency channel (Ch5).
18 channel equivalent = (??) Channel 10, outback call and convoy. Channel 10 has no 18 channel equivalent.
Channel 11, call channel AM (Ch6). Channel 16, call channel LSB (CH12). Cannel 35, call cannel LSB (N/A).

Although there are thousands of the old 18 channel sets around and still in use, most of them are illegal.  The 18 channel equivalents are listed for reference only and as there is no equivalent for channel 10 on an 18 channel set, don't use them in the bush. It was hoped that everyone in the outback whilst travelling would use a common channel for communications which would offer a higher degree of safety for all.

Some of the channel allocations are by way of a "Gentleman's agreement" only and not adhered to by all. For information on the gazetted allocations please use our link to the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) web site.

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