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Monitoring the Emergency Channels on the 27 MHz and 477MHz in the Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) to take calls where assistance is required.

Safety Communications and Co-ordination at Sporting Events which include Motor Cycles, Horse Endurance Cross-country and Car Rallies.

For information on any of the above, please follow our links:
 History  A brief look at CB, the emergency channels and the A.C.R.M.
 Information  A look at the roots of CB in Australia and the purpose for the A.C.R.M.
 A.C.M.A.  Australian Communications & Media Authority CBRS | RULES | REGULATIONS
 Links  Links to other Organisations associated with CB Radio
 Communicator  ACRM (SA) Inc monthly newsletter

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New Members are always required 20/01/19 New Members
*** Attention *** - All Members - Subscriptions are due for 2020/21 Financial Year 01/07/20 Renewal of Subscriptions for 2020/21
All Communicator Magazines for 2020 Monthly All Communicators for 2020
Nominations for the ACRM 2021 Committee Form 23/10/20 Nominations for the 2021 ACRM Committee Form
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Event Scratchings

This area is dedicated to be used for advice to ACRM Monitors and others who want to know the Scratchings during Events.

Item Event Date Link
Scratchings for the 2021 Events - (These will change from Event to Event) 2021 Scratchings


Wanted Urgently:

New Members - Community spirited people to train and become Emergency and Event Monitors in South Australia

If you enjoy the outdoors, are into Motor Sport, Motor Cycle sports and Horse Riding and wish to become "part of the scene", then you need to register for training and becoming involved as soon as possible.

A Membership Application Form is available online for you to print, fill out and send it to the address shown on the form.

All enquiries to Email: ACRM (SA) Inc.

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